Quality and Environmental Policies
Quality and Environmental Policies


One of the factors for the success of our company lies in the search for client satisfaction, the continuous improvement and investments in investigation and development in order to achieve full quality in our service. Proof of it is the ISO 9001:2000, with which the company is certified since it was incorporated. At present, within a continuous improvement process we are adapting our processes to the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Our quality policy is based on a work methodology based in prevention, always complying with legal and with our clients’ requirements, as well as an increment and motivation of competence and performance of our employees.

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- Certification OSHAS 18001:2007
- Certification ISO 9001:2008
- Certification ISO 14001:2004

- Quality system certification

- Quality Policy

All of our working processes have been planned and are coordinated under a strict quality control that guarantees the proper functioning and safety of our excellence oriented products and services.

Persons are our main asset, and we make all of our efforts to provide them safety, satisfaction, continuous training and motivation, building an optimum working environment so that we can achieve the commitments and objects of our clients.


The main motivation and living purpose has been since our incorporation the respect for the environment and for the sustainable development, contributing with our experience and know how to the development of renewable energies.

All of our processes are supervised under the optics of respect for the environment and sustainable development, creating processes that keep the environment clean and minimize its impact. Proof of it is the ISO 14.000:2004 certification process in which we are immersed. For this purpose we have defined our Environmental policy based in that permanent commitment with the Environment and with the energetic efficiency, introducing an energetic efficiency system based on UNE 216301 norm.

- Environmental policy

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