Predictive Maintenance Systems
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Predictive Maintenance Systems


Particle measurement sensor system:

  • Representative of INTERNORMEN products for preventive measurement systems as well as for filters and accessories for multipliers.

  • Compatible with conventional or synthetic oils. In line measurement system for particles greater than 200 nm.

  • Real time and historical data transfer through optical fiber, GSM, GPRS end internet.

  • Design of data reception centre via internet to any office. Inductive technology measurement.

  • Alarms generation as a function of programmable parameters.

  • Supply, installation and maintenance.

System for failures in the turbine or other equipment:

YES represents µ-Sen GmbH in the Iberian market, a company specialized in prediction and early detection of failures in generation plants and equipments using the Conditioning Monitoring (CM) system via internet. An early acknowledgement of the location of failures or defects ensures that our clients will maximize the availability of production systems hence generating more long term competitiveness.

Our partner is one of the main manufacturers of Conditioning Monitoring systems for onshore and offshore turbines. These systems are also used in combined cycled plants, hydroelectric plants, railway transport and other generation plants.

Since 2001, the CM system "Ω- Guard ®" has been installed in more than 1000MW and in 18 different types of turbines from 8 different manufacturers. The performance measurement is being monitored in turbines from 250 kW up to 5 MW.
The CM VIBGUARD ® system was introduced in the market in 2006 as a solution for the onshore turbine control. The CM system was designed and optimized together with “Prüftechnik Condition Monitoring GmbH”.

For example, acceleration sensors, sound sensors and low speed sensors are installed inside the equipment (axle, multiplier, etc) which allow online diagnosis an analysis. The modular configuration of our CM system allows us a simple and quick expansion of the parameters to be measured, like frequencies, vibrations, particle counter, wind velocity, temperatures, pressures, etc. There is even a module to measure and monitor the ice accumulation in the rotor. The system is AZT (Allianz Center for Technology GmbH) approved and certified by “Germanischer Lloyd WindEnergie GmbH”. Progressive installation in phases. More economical than other systems.

  • Compatible with other systems installed in the air generator.

  • Identification of every component, of every possible failure and of the diagnosis.

  • Supply, installation and maintenance.

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