Two People Service Lifts (SHERPA)
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Two People Service Lifts (SHERPA)

The SHERPA elevator, designed by Power Climber, allows the simultaneous lift of two persons to the wind generator. This product has been widely used and tested along decades of operation.


Reduces the lift time, improving working times and reducing the maintenance stop times.

Increases ascent safety and reduces tiredness to zero in comparison with the traditional ladder system. Minimizes risks during ascent.

Allows the simultaneous lift of two persons, saving maintenance time.

It is a long life product which incorporates a 2 year guarantee together with a technical support with international coverage.  



  • It has an automatic brake upon surpassing a speed of 24m/min or 79 feet/min.

  • Integrated overload sensor. In case of overload the elevator will not ascend.

  • Lever for emergency descend. It incorporates a lever inside the cabin that allows a speed controlled descent in case of electrical current interruption.

Included services:

  • Customization of functionalities and configuration of the elevator according to the client’s requirements.

  • Certified materials and components. Elevators are manufactured and inspected in accordance with all the current regulations and requirements.

  • Elevators include a two year guarantee and an international assistance service.


  • Several anchor points to the harness. Two fixed point, approved by EC, fasten the operator directly to the board of the elevator and prevents him to fall or be hurt.

  • Safety system in doors and windows: It incorporates a safety system that blocks the elevator in case of improper lockout of doors or windows of the elevator.

  • Secondary suspension cable. It incorporates an alternate suspension cable in case of failure of the main safety cable.

  • It incorporates two switches that immobilizes the elevator in the upper and lower limits of the tower and in case of any obstacle found in the path.



Internal commands:
They allow the operator to use the elevator from inside the cabin.

Emergency stop button:
A clear emergency button that allows to stop the elevator in case of emergency.


External commands:
They allow to immobilize the elevator from outside, with or without load.


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