Climb Assist System (IBEX)
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Climb Assist System (IBEX)

The Climb Assist  system (IBEX) is specially designed to facilitate the ascend through the ladder of the generator tower. This product developed and tested along decades by Power Climber is easily adaptable to any kind of tower and provides great benefits to the maintenance process.


Reduces the ascent time, improving working times and reducing the generator stop times during maintenance.

Increases ascent safety and reduces ascent tiredness. The operator can adjust the ascent rhythm depending on his weight and on his desired speed.    

Minimizes risks during ascent. The operator is fastened to the ladder at all times, reducing the risk of accidents. 

It is a flexible product, of fast and easy installation, that allows its use in short ladders as  well as in the longest towers.


  • It includes a wireless positioning system that informs the exact position and ascent speed of the user in real time to the device, allowing a permanent ascent control and to rest or adjust the ascent rhythm in any point of the ladder.
  • It allows a full control of ascent speed and weight through a command.

  • It automatically adapts to the user’s ascent speed.

  • It has an emergency stop button.

  • The controller is illuminated in order to facilitate its use in the most extreme conditions.

  • It has a ring motor in closed circuit in order to ensure a safe and staunch equipment.

  • Installation is easily and quickly performed. There are only 2 to 3 hours necessary for its installation. 

  • It is the assisting ascent solution most compact and flexible in the market. It adapts to any kind of tower and ladder design. Adjustable to any ladder design and distance between rungs.

  • It has a sealed bearing system, which need no lubrication or maintenance.

  • The system works with no intermediate fastening points, avoiding in this way the obstruction of inferior levels of the ladder.

  • The system works with an autonomous motor. It is not necessary to use the tower motor.
Command characteristics:

  • The same EasyClimb controller can be used in several towers. Use it to control your ascent and to control your movement.

  • Manual stop. Press (or release) in order to increase (reduce) the assistance.

  • The LED indicator shows the selected assistance level.

  • Ascent / Descent buttons to show the direction.

  • Durable manufacturing that includes a fall-proof rubber cover.

  • Dimension: 13cm width.




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