Operation and Maintenance
Operation and Maintenance

Our company will ensure the optimum development of the wind park, taking care of each operation and of the maintenance of your wind park through programmed, preventive and corrective maintenance with the purpose of obtaining the maximum performance and to keep optimum safety conditions. Our team of professionals keep optimum performance levels in maintenance due to their great specialization in Big Corrective actions as well as to continuous training and safety actions applied which allow us to approach to our zero accidents objective.



YES is specialized in the maintenance of wind parks, either through the final client or as a partner of the manufacturer. YES seeks optimum solutions with the manufacturer in order to offer the maximum park production.

 Comprehensive Maintenance service:
Preventive maintenance
Major corrective actions
Logistics: Transport and cranes
Stocks management
Components repairing
Inspection and control

We can offer engineering support as well as an advanced Troubleshooting system based in the search of the origin of the problems in order to ensure a long lasting solution for them.

We can also offer within the maintenance works the following services:

    • Comprehensive maintenance and operation services for wind parks:

      1. Turbine operations
      2. Execution of preventive maintenance
      3. Execution of corrective maintenance
      4. Stocks and consumable management
      5. Execution of major  corrective actions
      6. Local or remote plants operation
      7. equipment  reconstruction and repair
      8. Optimization of the wind farm  for the generation of the maximum annual production/output
      9. Execution of turbine improvements
      10. 24hrs and 365 days per year stand by guards
      11. Generation of reports    
    • Preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance services:

      • Planning of wind farm  operations
      • Engineering support
      • Maintenance logistics
      • Components repair: blades, generators, multipliers, control systems.
      • Torque  realization campaigns
      • stock management inside wind farms
      • Consumable and spare parts supplies
      • Turbine modernization and retrofitting
      • Consultancy of optimization for the maximum generation of the wind farm
      • Reports and audits
      • Stand by  guards and support
      • Training
    • Services of major  corrective actions: YES has several teams for big corrective actions in continuous international movement making these works in different turbines. The kind of works performed are:

      • ransformers and cells changing
      • Ground and top cabins changing
      • Change of rotor blocking bolts.
      • Electrical retrofits
      • YAW retrofits
      • Power cables retrofits and changes, and turbine wiring
      • Change of the turbine’s main plate
      • Change of main axle and multiplier
      • Change of generators
      • Double hook maneuvers for changes of rotor y crown
      • Change of crowns of motor of nacelle spin
      • Change of ring body and bearings in generators and multipliers
      • Change of nacelles, rotors and blades
      • Maintenance and failure repairs in parks in production
      • Start up after any change or retrofit performed
      • Extraction broken screws and bolts

    All this oriented to the improvement of the production capacity of your park, as well as to the reduction of functional maintenance times of generators achieving a greater energetic production capacity.

    Differentiation aspects of working with YES are:

    • Availability of skilled professionals in different types of turbines
    • Maximum safety and quality above all
    • Response capacity and times
    • Planning
    • Downtime reduction
    • maximum information
    • Geographical distribution and travel capacity
    • Supply of comprehensive services
    • Resolutions
    • Performance Focus

    The accumulated experience of many years in different teams allow the development of special projects or retrofits:

    • Retrofits designed to fit the client’s requirements
    • Design and manufacture of special tools
    • Turn key special projects
    • Specialization in prototype projects, repairs and maintenance.
    • Together with the client, with good instructions and good communication, we can make the planning for pending or undone works. We have experience in this type of situations that allow assistances to improve manuals and the design of special tools for these duties.
    • Installation of any mechanical or electrical equipment.
    • Design and assembly of tool containers for in park assembly.

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