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Comprehensive oil change service

YES has created a comprehensive oil change service. In order to maintain an optimum functioning and performance of the turbines, the oil change is a fundamental action within the wind generator maintenance. The oil change in a wind generation has traditionally had a series of challenges like the heights work or the park supply and recovery of oil. YES has developed a oil change system that overcomes these gaps and improves the process. Yes has developed a control process that ensures the standardization in every oil change. During the process, all the filters are changed and a quality control process is performed at the end of every oil change.


The system is developed both for onshore and offshore turbines.

The objectives of the service are:

  • Supply of all the range of Mobil oils, both synthetic and mineral, and all the range of lubricants that are already approved by the turbine manufacturers.
  • Supply the already filtered oils to wind farm , so that it is allowed to count with oils that comply or exceeds the purity standards established in the ISO norm.
  • Supply this oil through a patented system that allows us to make the oil changes both in offshore and onshore turbines. This innovating system allows us to accelerate the oil change process in more than a 50 % of the current time, increasing the availability times of the turbines.
  • Change executions that are safe, economical, quick and with no environmental impact.
  • Manage the wastes after each oil change.
  • Capacity to offer the clients with the latest in oil analysis conditioning monitoring.
  • Offer a technical support service to our clients in all aspects related to oil and lubricants.

The comprehensive service offered by YES consists of:

  • Oil supply , storage and waste management. Oil wholesale prices, big quantities at very competitive prices.
  • Oil filtering system according to specifications from our clients. Filtering during preparation to ensure that there is no contamination.
  • Quality monitoring by an external company by means of analysis.
  • Oil change of the multiplier and hydraulic.
  • Oil refill and transport in several kinds of containers.
  • Change of oil filters, components with lubricants and execution of preventive maintenance in the turbines.
  • Experience with all sorts of multipliers.
  • Monitoring and reporting.
  • Data acquisition and maintenance of them in an online data base.

  • YES has a filtering system that reduces the particles according to the standards specified by the client. Filtering is performed before the product is delivered to the park.

  • We have equipped our oil change unit with a secondary filter system to ensure that the product keeps the same purity grade during the whole process of delivery and oil change.

  • The filter system is capable of filtering 1000 liters of product to the required purity level every 24 hours.


  • Hydraulic oil in regards to I.S.O (4406) 17/14/11
  • Synthetic oil in regards to I.S.O (4406) 16/14/11

YES offers a comprehensive oil change service that covers the following methods:

      Oil change of the multiplier and hydraulic oil.
      Oil change with "flushing" service.
      Oil change with "rinsing" service.
      Bearing pressure cleaning.

  • YES has developed a procedure /checklist to ensure the standardization of the oil change in all the turbines.
    Every filter is changed during the oil change.
  • At the end of every change a checklist is performed for technical, quality and cleaning aspects.
  • Oil change with "rinsing" is used in cases of product change, of bearings change or if metallic particles are detected in the oil or if there is foam. Depending on the type of multiplier and with a percentage up to 50% of the capacity, it is refilled and started on during 60 minutes at low speed. In the process, coolers, filtering system and hoses are cleaned using the multiplier pumps.

YES has an exclusiveness agreement for the distribution of OILVAC system. With this system we gain the following competitive advantages:

Pump unit characteristics:

  • 120 meters of double channel hose
  • Incorporated filtering system
  • Separated oil circuits system (clean, dirty)
  • Oil warming system at 40 - 50 degrees
  • System designed to comply with ISO 4406 norm
  • Unload and load in a sole closed system
  • Visual monitoring of the current conditions
  • High pressure drain for the multipliers with dirty oil. It empties out all the oil.

The main benefits of changing your oil with us:

    Reduce change times up to a 75%.

    spExecution of 4 changes per day.

    spSubstantial save in productivity loss.

    spSafer and cleaner system than traditional methods.

    sp Reduces environmental risks.

    sp The new oil is filtered before refilling the multiplier.

    sp It quickly warms up the new oil and allows an expeditious start up.

    sp Oil change in a closed system, improving the oil’s performance.

    sp High skilled and trained technicians.

    sp Supply of filtered oil according to client’s standards.

    sp Comprehensive service, engineering and innovation.

     spDedicated Client-Manager.

Comprehensive oil change system:

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