Maintenance, inspection and blade repairing
Maintenance, inspection and blade repairs

We execute the inspection of blade fibers and nacelles both in the field and in factory

We have a comprehensive service for field repairing of blades and nacelles, as well as surface treatments. We count with specialized personnel in LM and Fiberblade.


Blade inspection:

  • With telescopes from ground
  • On platform heights inspections

Blade repairing:

  • Heights repair with platform or with ascent equipment
  • Close to the turbine or in unit
  • Turn key works including transports and cranes
  • Composites specialist: glass fiber, epoxy, types reconstruction, output edges, shell surfaces and other problems
  • Coating.
  • Sheets or surface forms of the blade.
  • Blade head: ray impact.
  • Output and attack borders.
  • Blade systems.

Towers and Nacelles:

  • Turn key projects of cleaning and painting of towers and surfaces.
  • We also make at client’s disposition, logo changes and customization of generators. 
  • Nacelles repairing.

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