YES offers a full inspection and quality control service that certifies the maximum performance of the wind park, as well as the optimum condition of the installations, in this way preserving safety.

Quality control services include:

  • Due Dilligence Inspection
  • Pre-warranty Expiration Inspection
  • Inspection and assessment of suppliers and components.
  • Quality waybills inspection, deliveries, etc
  • Revision of procedures and assessment of suppliers

The inspection services are centered in:

  • Inspection of elevation systems and extinguishers.
  • Annual inspection of personal protective equipment  and life lines.
  • Annual inspection of polipastos and ResQ systems.
  • Termography and videoscopes.
  • Comprehensive inspections of turbine safety systems

Trust in the experience of our technicians, all of our personnel has successfully overcome the training and update programs in regards to the current norms in wind energy and parks management.

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