From 10 years of life of a wind park it is advisable to perform a renewal of the generators so that the maximum benefit is taken from the generation capacity of the wind farm . This process is known as repowering, and it will always result economically and environmentally more convenient than the start up of a new park. In fact, it is estimated that the wind farms  installed 10 years ago have a 25% more generation (wind) capacity than the new wind farms  although the installed generators do not make use of all of their potential.


Our Repowering service will allow you to use the maximum generation capacity of your park, renewing your generators with the latest technology and ensuring that the process will take place with the minimum environmental impact, offering the following solutions:

  • Turn key projects for dismantling, cranes, transports and labor.
  •  Authorizations processing.
  • Civil work.
  • Turbine recycling.
  • Assets sale.

Our turn key projects are also referred to dismantling, cranes, transport and labor.

Besides, our services extend to the processing of authorizations, civil work, turbine recycling and sale of assets.
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