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Starting from YES philosophy of considering safety first, responding to the requirement of a safe work in the wind sector demanded by manufacturers, owners and operators of the wind sector, and from our commitment to continuous training of the workers as a company priority, we have created a training center to satisfy the requirements of all the companies that believe in the same philosophy as YES.

For this, we have joined our experience in the wind sector to the experience of Safety Technology, a company with 10 years of experience in specialized training in the wind sector, endorsed by companies like Vestas Denmark  or Scottish Power.

Through our subsidiary “YES Safety Technology- Training and H&S Services” we have a wide catalogue of training actions intended to cover all the requirements in regards to Health & Safetyof the workers, to be performed either in ours or in the client’s facilities. Similarly, we design special training actions based on the particular requirements of our clients.

These are some of the courses that we can offer:

  • Safety in the wind sector introduction course

  • Risk preventions in wind park, height risks

  • Rescue and evacuation of air generators

  • Rescue with “Smartline” system

  • Use and evacuation from elevators

  • Ladder installations in air generators. Safe practices.

  • Fire extinguishing

  • First aid

  • Use and evacuation of ascent assisting systems

  • Basic course on labor risk prevention (50 hours).

  • Safe conduction of 4x4 vehicles.

  • Manual handling of loads

  • Revision of fall-proof EPI

  • Rescue for intervention teams

  • Tower access for blades inspection

  • Safe use of load lifting systems

The sector of renewable energies is one of the most changing sectors, due to the variety of new technologies in constant development, and to the application of local and international norms in order to regulate them. Trust in our experience and path to keep your personnel knowledge updated.

Our programs also offer the supply of specialized safety equipment, the installation of safety systems and their inspection and certification, verification of the safety documentation for the works and the practical training and certification of the personnel working in and with air generators, both onshore and offshore.

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