PV O&M Services
  Other types of Generation Power plants Services
  • Biomass
  • Cogeneration
  • Combined cycles
  • Hydraulic

bulet Construction:
YES offers a turn key projects service, whose objective is to facilitate to our clients everything related to assembly and start up of the wind park. This comprehensive service includes the following services, at national and international levels:

  • Turn key projects in the construction of parks

      - Transport from factory, maritime and overland, and pertinent authorizations
      - Crane supply and management
      - Civil and electrical work of the park
      - Electro-mechanical assembly
      - Start up and commissioning

  • Mechanical assembly of the plant
  • Electrical and mid-tension assembly
  • Supply of cranes and machinery
  • Supervision of civil work and electrical / mechanical assembly
  • Coordination of safety and working risks in park
  • Quality control in park
  • Materials reception and logistics
  • Creation of reports about the executed project

buletStart up/commissioning:

YES counts with the experience and the professionals for the realization of start up works. YES performs the following works:

  1. Pre-commissioning checklist
  2. Start up /Commissioning
  3. Problems resolution
  4. Documentation and technicians’ training
  5. Management of the start up execution

For this, we count with a wide team of professionals and technical team that will develop the project ensuring in this way that the generators function at their maximum performance from the beginning.

Our service also includes the realization of a final inspection and validation report of the analyzed parameters.
We ensure the viability of your project.

bulet Operation and maintenance:

  • Plant operation
  • Execution of preventive maintenance
  • Execution of corrective maintenance
  • Stocks and consumable management
  • Execution of big corrective actions
  • Maintenance of the Power Block
  • Elements reconstruction and repair
  • Optimization of the park for the generation of the maximum annual production
  • Execution of improvements
  • 24hrs and 365 days per year stand by  guards
  • Generation of reports
  • Operation planning
  • Engineering support
  • Maintenance logistics
  • Revision of the following components:

    - Water-steam system WSC
    - Steam turbine system
    - Energy evacuation system

  • Realización de ensayos
  • Gestión de stocks en parque
  • Suministros de consumibles y de recambios
  • Consultoría de la optimización de la máxima generación
  • Confección de informes y auditorías
  • Formación 
bulet Inspections:

YES offers a full inspection and quality control service that certifies the maximum performance of the wind park, as well as the optimum condition of the installations, in this way preserving safety.

  • Quality control services include:
    • Due Dilligence Inspection
    • Pre-warranty Expiration Inspection
    • Inspection and assessment of suppliers and components.
    • Quality waybills inspection, deliveries, etc
    • Revision of procedures and assessment of suppliers

The inspection services are centered in:

  • Inspection of elevation systems and extinguishers.
  • Annual inspection of EPIS and life lines.
  • Annual inspection of polipastos and ResQ systems.
  • Termography and videoscopes.
  • Comprehensive inspections of turbine safety systems



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