PV O&M Services

YES performs the following services in the sector of photovoltaic solar energy:


We make all sorts of duties related with the engineering, we offer a consultancy service of engineering and design, in the solar energy field in which we are experts, as well as A/C and , electrical fields, , etc.

We have a wide network of installers, speciallized per sectors. In this way, the different installations are executed by the most experienced professionals in that sector, in order to offer a quality and efficient service, that alters as minimum as possible the normal activity of the place of the installation.

 Turn key
We make turn key installations. This type of installations are offered as complementary to the previous services, given that Sology Energía Solar SL is capable of performing this type of installations and of ensuring the correct communication between the different engineering and installation departments.

We also perform the following maintenance services for photovoltaic plants:

  • Preventive maintenance
  1. Visual inspections, duties and executions verifications.
  2. Revision and inspection of fixed or follower structure.
  3. Verification of electrical protections.
  4. Verification of the condition of modules and connections, fastenings.
  5. Verification of the condition of the inverter, functioning, signaling, alarms.
  6. Verification of the mechanical condition of cables and terminals, transformers, fans, extracts, joints, cleaning.
  7. Technical report to reflect the condition of the plant.
  • Corrective maintenance

  • Operations destined to repair plant failures.
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs.
  • Fast response service availability.
  • Actions in:
  • -Panels
    -Fixed or follower structures
    -Electrical protections
    -Transform centers, meters, others
    -Possibility of availability warranty
    -Monthly corrective actions

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