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YES has signed an alliance in operation and maintenance with:
,leader company in development of tower thermo solar plants with the latest generation technology of molten salt storage .

YES has an installation and maintenance of more than 250 thermo solar MW planned in the Iberian peninsula. SOLAR RESERVE is a recently incorporated company but with experts with more than 12 years of experience in the thermo solar sector.

YES and Solar Reserve have joined forces to create a specialized company in maintenance of thermo solar plants using all the years of accumulated experience in the operation of SOLAR 2 in the Mojave desert, California. This new alliance allows the development of the following activities:
  Planta Termosolar  

  Planta Termosolar  

The services that we offer are the operation and maintenance of the plant and its components:

  1. Operation and Maintenance comprehensive services for wind parks:

      1. Plant operation
      2. Execution of preventive maintenance
      3. Execution of corrective maintenance
      4. Stocks and consumable management
      5. Execution of major  corrective actions
      6. Cleaning of solar park and heliostats
      7. Change of the fluid of the HTF thermal fluid system
      8. Solar park maintenance
      9. Maintenance of the thermal storage
      10. Maintenance of the Power Block
      11. Elements reconstruction and repair
      12. Optimization of the park for the generation of the maximum annual production
      13. Execution of improvements
      14. 24hrs and 365 days per year reserve guards
      15. Generation of reports
  1. Preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance services:

    1. peration planning
    2. Engineering support
    3. Maintenance logistics
    4. Revision of the following components:

    - HTF thermal fluid system
    - Thermal storage system (Salts)
    - Water-steam system WSC
    - Steam turbine system
    - Energy evacuation system

    1. Execution of tests:

      - Analysis of thermal oil: level of properties
      - Solidification and pumping of salts
      - Revision of the low thermal performance
      - Revision of optical performance
      - Turbine vibrations test
      - Solar follow ups
      - localization and repair of oil leaks in the fluid system. Thermographic tests.
      - Pipe corrosion.

    2. In park stocks management
    3. Consumable and spare parts supplies
    4. Consultancy of optimization for the maximum generation
    5. Reports and audits
    6. Stand by  and support personnel
    7. Training


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