Stocks and Logistics Management
Stocks and Logistics Management

The company YES Wind Logistic, belonging to the YES group, is specialized in the stocks management, offering a comprehensive service of control of delivery, load and unload of equipment, quality control and maintenance of the stored equipment. We also offer a service of blades repair according to specifications from each client, adapting our processes to the terms and characteristics that each wind park requires.

We are currently managing more than 700.000 squared meters of storage campas. YES also offers preservation services for nacelles stored in stock.

All this is possible thanks to our comprehensive service of cranes and human resources, as well as to our information system to reference and manage the stock.

Entrust us the stocks and logistics management of your park, we have a wide experience and the latest technology to successfully manage your project.

YES also provides the whole comprehensive logistics service as turn key from factory to park. YES makes the whole management with a group of prestigious partner companies with high international recognition.


YES adds all its experience in the wind sector in order to ensure that every equipment properly reaches its destination and according to the programmed plan. At the same time we coordinate with the cranes and with other services so that projects are executed with quality, response and planning.


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